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الرئيسية » 2012 » مارس » 4 » SWiSH Max4 4.0 Build 2011.06.20
1:23:25 PM
SWiSH Max4 4.0 Build 2011.06.20

SWiSH Max4 4.0 Build 2011.06.20 | 54.49 MB
برنامج لتصميم وصنع مقاطع الفلاشات والرسوم المتحركة 

هو البرنامج الذي تم تطويره ليكون خلق فلاش أقوى فائدة. هي معبأة حفيف ماكس مع الميزات التي تجعل إنتاج فلاش تفاعلية مذهلة الرسوم المتحركة بسيط وغير مؤلم experience.SWiSH ماكس هي سهلة الاستخدام وتنتج حركات معقدة مع النصوص والصور والرسومات والفيديو والصوت. حفيف ماكس لديه الأدوات اللازمة لخلق خطوط ومستطيلات، والحذف، والمنحنيات وناقلات مرفوعة، ومسارات الحركة، لقطات الفيلم، وأزرار التمديد، وأشكال مساهمة جميع في واجهة سهلة الاستخدام وبديهية.

SWiSHmax is a program that was developed to be the most powerful Flash creation utility. SWiSH Max is packed with features that make producing stunning interactive Flash animations a simple and painless experience.SWiSH Max is easy to use and produces complex animations with text, images, graphics, video and sound. SWiSH Max has tools for creating lines, rectangles, ellipses, vector and freehand curves, motion paths, movie clips, rollover buttons, and input forms all in an intuitive easy-to-use interface.

SWiSH Max also includes a large range of preset multimedia effects, components and vector art.

Multimedia Effects & Components:
· Advanced Flash design for the graphic artist or animation programmer. Full design control.
· Project Templates and Wizard Panel for quick publish of included projects.
· Bundled with over 380 built-in multimedia effects and a simple effects browser.
· Built-in effects make creating animations quick and easy using your videos, text, images, graphics or sounds.
· Effects can be applied to multiple objects.
· Supports multiple overlapping soundtracks with multiple sound effects.
· Choose from over 300 components and vector shapes, or add your own custom built components.
· Create and distribute your own special effects and components.
· Component Tool for fast and easy placement of common components.

Over 380 Built-In Multimedia Effects:
· SWiSH Max comes bundled with over 380 built-in multimedia effects that let you make fantastic animations with your video, text, images, graphics or sound. The Effects Browser lets you step through each effect to preview your animation - with so many effects the only problem is deciding which one to use! Includes over 40 pre-configured Filters.

Drag & Drop Components:
· Need a button, list, menu or preloader? Simply drag it onto the stage. Choose from over 380 SWiSH Max4 components and vector shapes, or make your own to simplify common tasks. Now including Autoshape components.

Drawing Tools:
· Type text directly on the stage and even give each character an individual attribute (bold, font, size etc.).
· Advanced drawing tools include: Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Ellipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square, Perspective and AutoShapes.
· Keyboard short cuts are available for all the drawing tools.
· Complex Shape editing options make it easy to modify your shapes.
· Use AutoShapes to place arrows, stars, polygons and more.
· Guides, grids, and alignment tools.
· Knife tool and Shape Operations.
· Bezier curves for motion paths. Convert shapes to motion path.
· Transform shapes with morphing
· Filters and Blend Effects.

Advanced Drawing & Editing Tools:
· SWiSH Max comes complete with a set of professional quality drawing tools including Line, Pencil, Pen, Text, Elipse/Circle, Rectangle/Square and AutoShapes. Complex Shape editing options also make modifications simple.

Guides, Grids and Alignment Tools:
· Guide, grids and alignment tools make positioning your movies elements a breeze. You can simply snap to grids or guides to constrain the objects you are editing. Objects can also be aligned or spaced out evenly.

User Interface:
· A simple yet comprehensive interface puts all the tools within easy reach.
· Objects, frames and effects can all be added, modified or deleted directly from the timeline.
· Open multiple documents simultaneously to manage your large projects.
· Moveable panels can be hidden to clear your workspace.
· Preview all your work within SWiSH Max4, even playback at different internet speeds.
· Sharing resources between your Flash movies is a breeze with the content library and assets.
· Undo/Redo Panel shows the history of your actions.
· Advanced Find and Replace lists results in objects, script and labels.

Simple Yet Powerful:
· A simple, inuitive interface puts all the tools within easy reach. You'll be making stunning Flash animations in minutes.

Easy Content Management:
· Managing the objects used in your movies is simple with SWiSH Max's powerful content management features. You can easily share resources between your movies with the content library and assets.

Import & Export:
· Import SWF movies produced by any other Flash application.
· Import videos, sounds, graphics and text files.
· Paste Special offers a choice of import formats when transferring from other applications.
· SWiSH Max SWF movies can be imported into any other Flash application with ease.
· Advanced compression features help keep your SWF file sizes small.
· Exported HTML can use a custom template to include javascript, CSS, PHP and more.
· Export straight to AVI, EXE, PNG or GIF animation.
· New SWF Export options.

Import Video, SWFs, Graphics, Sound & More:
· Import video, SWFs, sound, graphics and text files. SWiSH Max imports all the file types you are likely to need for your Flash animation including: TXT, BMP, DIB, GIF, JPG, IF, JPEG, PNG, WMF, EMF, SWF (both compressed and uncompressed), EXE (Flash Projector), WAV and MP3 files.

Advanced Export Control:
· You can easily export your SWF movies complete with HTML, AVI movies, PNG images, GIF animations and Flash Projectors. SWiSH Max's SWF movies can be imported into any other Flash application with ease. SWiSH Max also introduces a number of advanced compression features to help keep your SWF file sizes small.

· All interactivity can be added through a simple menu interface.
· Script editor allows advanced user to enter scripts directly.
· A debugger simplifies finding and fixing errors in your scripts.
· Syntax coloring, custom keywords and support for external script files.
· Print a selection, current script or all script.
· Improved script compiler supports #pragma and new language syntax.

Scripting Made Simple:
· All interactivity in your SWiSH Max movie can be added through a simple menu interface, so you have full coding capabilities by selecting the actions and events you need.

Powerful Script Editor and Debugger:
· SWiSH Max includes a script editor that has powerful features for both the beginner and advanced users. To help you find errors in your script SWiSH Max includes a powerful debugger.

What's new in SWiSHmax 4.0 Build 2011.06.20:
· New: Find and Replace - Advanced Replace All selection only
· New: htmltemplate for full screen mode
· New: Electric ARC and Electric Text components
· New: Barcode component
· New: XMLdata handler
· New: Spectrum_L component
· New: Bargraph component
· New: Bounce component
· New: Printer icon
· New: Document shows as modified on loading
· New: Color transform tool
· New: Convert some jukebox players to wizards.
· New: Input text scroller
· New: Spectrum component
· New: Include java-querystring html template in installer
· New: Find and Replace Font
· New: FLV Video component
· Fix: Incorrect preview at 150%
· Fix: Crash on importing video as Screen Video
· Fix: Crash on UNDO
· Fix: Syntax check causes hang
· Fix: Device font exported strangly when stage size set to 50%
· Fix: Script panel moves with attached layout during script entry
· Fix: Outline panel not updated on find / replace
· Fix: Select all checkbox in Replace dialog
· Fix: Find / replace causes crash
· Fix: fullsize export option does not work with IE9
· Fix: Component search hangs max in Vista and Win7

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