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WinRAR 4.20 Beta 3 x86/x64 + Portable |
3.13 Mb | 2.2 MB
برنامج ون رار الشهير لفك وضغط الملفات

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. RAR files can usually compress content by 8 percent to 15 percent more than ZIP files can. WinRAR is a powerful compression tool with many integrated additional functions to help you organize your compressed archives. It can backup your data and reduce size of email attachments, decompress RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet and create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format.

WinRAR puts you ahead of the crowd when it comes to compression. By consistently creating smaller archives, WinRAR is often faster than the competition. This will save you disc space, transmission costs AND valuable working time as well. WinRAR is ideal for multimedia files. WinRAR automatically recognizes and selects t ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج ضغط الملفات وتشفيرها | مشاهدة: 753 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

Namosofts Data Recovery v2.0.2.1 | 4.35 Mb
برنامج استعادة الملفات المحذوفة

Namosofts Data Recovery is the world leader in the field of data recovery and data recovery software offering the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss, which has the following four main functions: deleted recovery, format recovery, partition recovery and raw recovery. By using Namosofts Data Recovery Software, you can easily recover data from NTFS, FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems. In addition, it can not only recover data from hard drive or disk, but also make any file recovery (including photo recovery, email recovery) from USB drive, memory card, memory stick, camera card, or other storage media.

Key feat ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج استعادة الملفات المحذوفة | مشاهدة: 844 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

Sumatra PDF 2.2.6482 + Portable | 9.18/9.78 Mb
برنامج تحرير و فتح ملفات PDF بسهولة وسرعة ومميزات عديدة

Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF, DjVu, XPS, CBR, CBZ viewer for Windows. Sumatra has a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features. It's small and starts up very fast. Options are a little thin on the ground but SumatraPDF provides a very comfortable environment for reading PDFs and you can print documents without much hassle. You can take this over Acrobat any day for looking at eBooks.

It's designed for portable use: it's just one file with no external dependencies so you can easily run it from external USB drive. This classifies it as a portable application. As is characteristic of m ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج الأوفيس و المستندات | مشاهدة: 660 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

Aimersoft PDF Converter Pro Multilanguage | 269.3 MB
برنامج تحويل ملفات  PDF الى  Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB eBook, HTML, Text and Images.

Aimersoft PDF Converter Pro is a top PDF tool that convert both native and scanned PDF to MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB eBook, HTML, Text and Images.

Aimersoft PDF Converter Pro lets you edit, recycle and share PDF text, table or image data anywhere instantly and with incredible ease. Converting standard or encrypted PDF as painlessly as:
1. Add Files;
2. Set Format and Preferences;
3. Click Convert.

As an additional time-saver, convert up to 200 separate PDF files simultaneously. And no matter how many files you're converting at once, only convert what you need by sele ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج الأوفيس و المستندات | مشاهدة: 913 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

PostworkShop Professional v3.0.4990 SR1 (x86/x64) | 195 Mb Each
برنامج تحرير ومونتاج الصور واضافة المؤثرات عليها يعمل لوحده مستقل او اضافة للفوتوشوب

PostworkShop Pro is a unique digital art studio at your fingertips with the endless creative possibilities. PostworkShop works as a standalone application and as plugin for Adobe ® Photoshop ®, Corel ®, PaintShop Photo ® Pro, and even Painter. One simple click you can convert your photo, 2D image or a three-dimensional rendering in painting or watercolor, pastel drawing or pencil sketch, abstract, or vintage photos.

Key feature PostworkShop Professional:
• Natural Media Art Styles
Experiment with over 400 natural media looking styles under the categories of drawing, graphic arts, oil pa ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج الصور والمونتاج والرسم | مشاهدة: 734 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

XP Repair Pro 5.6.0 |16 МB
برنامج صيانة وتسريع وتنظيف وتحسين اداء جميع انواع الوندوزات

XP Repair Pro - is a popular system utility that is designed to allow any computer user to quickly and easily repair common errors that occur in Windows and thousands of other software.
... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج صيانة الوندوز والكمبيوتر | مشاهدة: 766 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-27  تعليقات: (0)

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 + Portable | 55.75 Mb
برنامج شامبو 2012 لحرق ونسخ جميع الاسطوانات ومميزات عديدة

Ashampoo Burning Studio 2012 users are unusually loyal, with good reason – this program’s speed, simplicity and efficiency are simply unbeatable. Over the years the Ashampoo programmers have turned the program into a full suite that can handle all your data, audio and video burning and authoring tasks, without sacrificing its famous ease of use. In version 10 they have once again added a wealth of new features and modules, but the program is still amazingly intuitive to use – everything is explained as you do it. The main focus of this premium version is even better authoring capabilities for bu ... المـزيد More »
الفئة: برامج حرق ونسخ الإسطوانات | مشاهدة: 924 | الكاتب: AbwOmar2011 | التاريخ: 2012-05-26  تعليقات: (0)

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